The Blueprint to Quit Your Job: Passive Online Income

My name is Rusty Pike, and Serve No Boss is my blog.

Want to Escape the 9-5?  

The Serve No Boss blog is your blueprint to a freedom automated passive income lifestyle.

You will learn the four-pillar system and current strategies to accelerate your transition earning passive income and saying goodbye to your boss.

Learn how to do what you love. Learn how to do what you want, work when you want, and live anywhere in the world.

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Is This Your Life Plan?

If you are reading this, you are probably on the life plan like I used to be:

  • Go to school for 12 years.
  • Go to college for 4 years.
  • Get more education for 3 years.
  • Work your tail off for 20 years to move up the work ladder.
  • Work 20 years in your soul-sucking job to get your kids through college.
  • Work 10 years to try to save for retirement.
  • Too old to do what you want.

Does This Describe You Today?

  • You have done all the things you have been told to do to live a happy and successful life, but something is wrong.
  • You work long hours and fight traffic every day.
  • You eat dinner at 7:30 because you just got home.
  • You get an upset stomach every Sunday evening because Monday is the start of another stressful work week.

  • You have an aggressive boss who dumps work on you and leaves the office at night while completing the project.
  • You just missed another of your daughter's soccer matches because you had to work another Saturday.
  • You are underpaid, undervalued, overworked, and bored.
  • You know something must change, but you are stuck in the "status quo" rather than "just going for it."

Everything Changed When the Internet Leveled the Playing Field

I have always tried to escape the rat race and start my own business. But living for much of my adult life without the internet to level the playing field, it was not until later in life that I was able to start and sustain my own brick and mortar business with the aid of internet marketing.

In 2021 the internet has leveled the playing field, and both you and I can escape the rat race, build a website, start a blog, and monetize our blogs with affiliate marketing, self-publishing, and digital products. Add coaching and consulting to the mix, and the transition will be surprisingly fast.

Serve No Boss's mission is to publish tutorials, guides, reviews, and how-to's that you can put into practice right away. You will learn only the strategies and tactics that are proven to work.  We will provide you with references to tools that will make your journey faster and easier.

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My Story

As you might be, I was held back in making my transition from the corporate world to owning my work from home passive income business by my desire for everything to be perfect, analysis paralysis, and just plain fear. Probably my biggest issue was everything had to be perfect. I thought by making everything perfect; I could avoid rejection and failure.

What happened to overcome these weaknesses? I learned that "Done is Better than Perfect." I also learned to focus on those things in my online business that would return an income instead of getting bogged down in writing and administration -activities that should be outsourced.

My point is—if I can do it, you can too.  The key to your success is right here on this website, where you will get the exact blueprint to launch your online business.

At different times I have been happy and making a good income. At other times I have been broke, depressed, and thinking my life is a wreck.  One time I was making so much money I couldn't believe my talent was worth it. I remember putting quarters on the kitchen table at a different time to see if I could buy milk for my children.  Then one day, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer.

I enrolled in law school. I attended law school four nights a week while working a corporate management job full time plus.  Every waking hour for four years seemed to be filled with working a job, attending class, studying, or taking tests.  Plus, some time to raise a family of four and add a child to the family during law school.  

Here is most of my family gathered for one of my daughter’s wedding.

Over the years, trying to support five kids, I practiced law and also ran an insurance agency, sold real estate, built a network marketing business, and ran a retail store.  I knew there was a better way, but it wasn't until the internet leveled the playing field that I could do what I wanted, whenever I wanted, and live where I wanted.

During my legal career, I was frustrated to see people that felt trapped in their job. They wanted to make the transition from the rat race and start living, but they felt trapped.  They didn't know how to leave the false "security of a job," feared giving up their bi-weekly paycheck, drowning in debt, and afraid of taking the risk to escape the rat race.

They know that their kids are growing up, and they are missing out on seeing them grow up. They were frustrated, angry, and just downright unhappy.

I worked with many families creating estate plans and saw the stress of families working a job for decades, raising their children, and late in life, realizing they did not have enough money to retire. It broke my heart to see hard-working people unable to retire when and where they wanted.

My estate planning practice required that I dealt with the surviving spouse and asset distribution when one spouse died.  It broke my heart to see a surviving spouse who couldn't make their monthly payments on only one social security check and an insufficient amount of retirement income.

I made it my goal to develop automated passive income streams and teach it to overworked mid-life individuals and later in life individuals who were headed down a retirement track that wouldn't have enough money.

Why Is the Automated Passive Income Streams Lifestyle Working for Me?

I learned that "Done is Better Than Perfect," and I needed to act and stay focused on my goal.

Like everyone reading this, I had a lifetime of experience, education, and skills that I could share with people like you to help you start an online business and transition from the corporate rat race to making either a side income or full-time income from wherever you want fast.

I am focused on helping people dissatisfied with their current lifestyle and job to achieve satisfaction and help others transition to a life in which they are in control.

I ignored friends and family who questioned whether I could make automated passive income online. I knew there would be obstacles and challenges, a high learning curve, and long hours building a business while still working a full-time job- and I couldn't have any negative input slow the transition process.

You Can Do It

Beginner, intermediate, advanced blogger, I know you can create a passive online income lifestyle.  I created my blog, Serve No Boss, to take people buried in the rat race or nearing retirement without sufficient savings, to make that transition from the rat race lifestyle and transform their lifestyle to one they're in control of and have the freedom to do what they want, see their family and friends, and do it from wherever they want.

It will be hard at first because you are probably building a side income while working a full-time job. The good news is that you will probably make enough to outsource some of the work in six months. That's why I give you strategies that will accelerate the transformation out of the rat race.  

Strategies that focus on what is essential and what will help you scale your business faster. While different online money models work, you have to focus to be successful no matter which strategy you implement.

My strategy is to build automated passive online income through blogging. This is not the usual writing strategy and promoting great content but building a business through quick monetization with coaching and freelancing and building online income with accelerating growth strategies.

Start here. Read this first

Read this first to learn how to create a fast online passive income resource with How to Create Your First Money Making Online Course in 18 Days

Blogging Has a Proven Track Record to Make Money

Blogging is not the only strategy that works, but it is one that does work. It has a proven track record. It also concentrates on three solid passive income models—affiliate marketing, self-publishing, and digital products/online courses. But you only concentrate on one at a time, perfect it, then move on.  

While I am a writer, you don't have to be. In fact, quickly, I want you to concentrate on building your business, generate quick income, and have someone else do the writing. I want to teach you to be the CEO of your business, not a staff writer.

A Risk Worth Taking

Starting a blog and generating automated passive online income will bring you freedom, reduce stress, and build financial security. A lot of what I share on this blog and through my books and courses, I've learned through trial and error, along with a lot of research and training. I did not have an actionable step-by-step plan to follow that could generate income quicker than taking years. 

It's a risk worth taking to make the transformation.  No matter your goal, I want to help you reach your goal faster, more efficiently, and with fewer obstacles. I hope you let me be your guide.

Rusty Pike